What's New in Reggie's World?

December 2023

Psychopathia antisemitica

I started publishing on and here is my profile page. These are my first articles:

But my first big story is about anti-Semitism. Psychopathia antisemitica is an essay on why anti-Semitism is not an opinion, a belief, or a political attitude; it is a (possibly curable) personality disorder. A German translation is here on my homepage.

“The Martyrdom of St. Simon of Trento in Accordance With Jewish Ritual Murder,” non-ironic and unapologetic reenactment of a medieval anti-Semitic outburst on canvas by Italian painter Giovanni Gasparro, 2020

July 2023

Gravitative Induction

I have pre-published my first scientific paper in astrophysics on my theory of gravitation, and it's a big one: 42 pages, 37 equations, 152 references. More about it here

April 2023

The Chinese Edition of  the Nippon Trilogy The Discovery of the East Pole is published 

I can't get enough of this sight! The author's copies have just arrived and they are so beautiful. No wonder that the publisher Post Wave (Ginkgo) in Beijing has won The Most Beautiful Book in China Award in 2017. I am grateful to my Chinese agent and I am proud that the translator of my trilogy at Post Wave is the same who had translated such eminent bestsellers like Frank Schätzing's The Swarm (2004) and Daniel Kehlmann's Measuring the World (2005). The dedication in Chinese reads 'For Mayumi - because with her all this began'. It was in 1985 in Paris, being the love with this Japanese princess, that I discovered the true story of this German physician who explored Japan from 1823 on, became the 'Humboldt of the East' and married a Japanese woman. Their daughter became the first female physician in Japan. It took me almost thirty years to write and publish the Nippon trilogy, the incredible story of this German scientist who had a dramatic influence on the fate of Japan. It's a true story that nobody knows, least of all the Japanese. It is of fascinating irony that the Chinese are more interested in the history of their archenemies than they themselves. Though trying hard we were not able to sell a license to Japan yet.


June 2020

New Place, New Spirit

During the first Corona lockdown, I renovated my new apartment. I am happy to be back in the heart of Berlin's Prenzlauer Berg. This new place is special. It's a cozy bohemian apartment on the first floor with high ceiling and a huge terrasse that gives into the courtyard. It's like a theatre stage. When I exit the front door of the building, I'm in the middle of life, right on the busily buzzing Prenzlauer Allee. Everything is just a few meters away from my doorstep: post office, ATM, eateries, shoemaker, bakery, tea shop, stationery shop, supermarket, cafés & bars, flower shop and most importantly a 24/7 convenient store (Berliners call it a 'Späti') with an incredibly rich display.

October 11, 2019

Psychopathia antisemitica

In the light of recent events in Germany, especially the attempted killing of Jews in Halle, I re-publish here my essay Psychopathia antisemitica (German version here) It's about why anti-Semitism is not an opinion, even less a political judgment. It's a clinical personality disorder. First published in 2012 in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung.

June 21, 2019

Podcast on Screenwriting for the U.S. and International Market (German)

The Indiefilm Podcast interviewed me for an hour on screenwriting in English language. I was surprised that there was so much to talk about. The interviewer picked up the subject from an article that I had published in 2015, Deutsches Genre sucht Hollywood.  He also asked me to send him a picture of me at work. So, here I am, at one of my desks. Presently, I'm preparing $even $isters, my biggest project, for Impact 3, currently the most thrilling screenwriting contest on this planet. That fits exactly the size of my TV-series on the titans of the oil industry and their epic struggle for global dominance. 

January 26, 2019



My review (in German) on of a workshop on the U.S. TV series industry with Des Doyle, the filmmaker best known for his ingenious documentary 'Showrunners. The Art of Running a TV Show'. My take on it is summarized in the title question 'Steht der US-Serienmarkt vor einem Kollaps?' - Is a collapse of the U.S. business of TV shows imminent? The answer is yes, and in more than one way.

December 7, 2018

My Philosophical Foundation of Democratic Individualism is Published in English Language


The World Revolution of Philosophy has begun! Exciting times! My book on the questions "What is the political? And what is politics, anyway?" has been published in English. And it looks great! The Neue Zürcher Zeitung wrote: "A masterstroke, uncompromisingly thought and nowhere conciliatory, especially not towards the heroes of German post-war thinking like Dieter Henrich, Jürgen Habermas and Niklas Luhmann."


This is the first step, the groundwork for my upcoming book 'You Are Many. The Polycentric Subject' (2019) that will expel 400 years of fundamental errors in the conception of subjectivity and provide an entirely new framework for future philosophy, including a fascinating new picture of human individuality and humanity altogether. Sometimes people thought that I was kidding when I called my treatise on Political Subjectivity  the most important book in political philosophy since Aristotle and Plato. I was not.  

November 9, 2018

Translation License Sold to China


Sick as a dog and awfully under the weather, but still happy and grateful, especially to my agent: My Nippon trilogy The Discovery of the East Pole goes CHINA! I have just signed the contract for the Chinese translation with an excellent publishing house in Beijing that won in 2017 the prize for the 'Most Beautiful Book in China'. This was only possible because there is now an English translation of the novel that is available all around the world on Amazon. Next step is negotiating the film rights.

October 16, 2018

'3 Shrinks + 1' at the Berlin Screenwriter's Circle


Great discussion of the TV series bible and the pilot to my show 3 Shrinks +1. These guys were excellent!  We talked for almost three hours and there was not a single boring moment. I learned that I had to much focused on a 'premise pilot' - like everybody did a couple of years ago - that was crammed with to much explanation of the premise instead of making the pilot a model for all upcoming episodes. I'll rewrite and improve this, because story and plot are still really cool and unheard of.


August 26, 2018

The Discovery of the East Pole Published in English


My Nippon trilogy The Discovery of the East Pole is translated into English (900 pages) and now published in all English speaking territories. My American proofreaders and content editors just loved it. The reason is that the elevated and detailed style with which I emulated the usage of language and the general feeling of the beginning of the 19th century - something that the great William Golding called 'bygonese' - works so much better in English than in German. 


I have now an agent for the sale of the translation rights to China. At the same time I start writing on the feature movie script to this incredible story that will find the big scree one day, no doubt.