Reginald ‘Reggie’ Grünenberg is a German political scientist, philosopher, entrepreneur and writer-producer for cinema and TV. He has studied in Paris, Munich, Berlin and Tokyo. He holds a PhD in political science, philosophy and history from the LMU Munich. Reggie’s doctoral thesis Political Subjectivity. The  Philosophical Foundation of Democratic Individualism, first published in 2006, was lauded by the Neue Züricher Zeitung as “The First Political Theory of Relativity” (title of the review). 


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In the mid-nineties, he discovered that business plans are also theories, but in such a manner that they can be tested immediately. After ten years as business consultant in the startup and VC world he became co-founder and CEO of a company for interactive streaming together with Prof. Karl-Heinz Brandenburg, the inventor of MP3. When he completed the Executive Training Program of the European Commission that promoted him after one year in Tokyo to a certified expert on Japan, he transitioned in 2009 to writing, publishing, and filmmaking. He publishes non-fiction books and novels; most prominently his Nippon trilogy The Discovery of the East Pole, a historical novel on the birth of modern Japan and the role of a German physician in it, all based on a true story. He also wrote Nippon Park, a screenplay for a dystopian sci-fi feature movie:

“In an inundated post-oil world, a young Japanese woman reaches the coastal city of Busan on the shores of New China. While digging for the truth about her home country, the mysteriously isolated Empire of Japan, she realizes that she has been long since the centerpiece of a ghoulish plot to obliterate humanity – The Matrix is not digital. It will be made from flesh.”

Reggie is currently pitching $even $isters to U.S. studios and networks, a monumental TV period drama series (five seasons, 100 episodes) on how oil and its tycoons shaped our modern civilization:

“The Golden Age of Oil turns a few ordinary men into fabulous business titans. Their undeniable achievements come at an ever-growing price. They shuffle nations like poker cards, decide on war or peace and plot the biggest conspiracy ever – Downton Abbey meets The Sopranos.”

He has published some scientific papers on Laws of Singularity on the laws that will govern any future artificial intelligence, The Uniqueness Hypothesis on the inexistence of alien life beyond Earth in the universe and the English summary of his doctoral thesis Political Subjectivity.


As a filmmaker, Reggie is co-organiser of the Berlin Film Directors Group (2200 members), member of the Berlin Screenwriters Network and on the festival team of the Berlin Sci-fi Filmfest.  He writes in various places on topics like Deutsches Genre sucht Hollywood [My experience of writing in English, illustrated in my taking part in the most important U.S. screenwriting competitions], Sex im Film - Wie schreibt man das? [How do you write sex scenes in screenplays?] and Steht der US-Serienmarkt vor einem Kollaps? [A review of  a workshop on the U.S. TV series industry, January 2019, held by Des Doyle, the filmmaker best known for his brilliant 2016 documentary Showrunners. The Art of Making a TV Show


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