$even $isters

TV series


“Fascinating stuff!” Erik Bork, screenwriting consultant, Emmy prize winner, L. A.

“Great work!” Nicole Olmsted, writer-producer, L. A. and Berlin

"I'm impressed. No other words for it." Sam Bartlett, script analyst, PAGE International winner, U.S.


I am an oiligarch. I don’t care about politics as long as oil rules.
Henri Deterding, founder-director of Royal Dutch Shell, 1928


Oil, as a symbol of real value, is superior to money.
Paul Stacey, oil expert, 1943


Standard Oil can be considered an enemy national in view of its relationships with
I.G. Farben after the United States and Germany had become active enemies.
Judge Charles Clark, 1947


When the titans of the early oil industry get trapped in a global rat-race, they plot the biggest conspiracy ever, a secret cartel that reshapes the world.  Downton Abbey meets The Sopranos.



They build a new world floating on oil. Those who can’t swim, sink.

The biggest conspiracy ever is no theory.



Genre: Period drama TV series

Period: 1859-1962

Material: Series bible (15 p.), pilot script (60 p.)

Writer: Reginald Grünenberg

Seasons x Episodes: 5 x 20

Episode length: 55 mins

Broadcast: Network, premium cable or SVoD

Locations: United States, Netherlands, Great Britain, Germany, France, Azerbaijan, Indonesia, Persia/Iran, Saudi Arabia, Japan, Pacific Ocean

Cast: Caucasian, Middle Eastern, Asian

Language: English

Audience: 25+

Rating: PG 13

Web: www.sevensisters-the-series.com

Story Arc

$even $isters is the epic story of how oil and a handful of oilmen like John D. Rockefeller, Sir Henri Deterding, Marus Samuel and Calouste Gulbenkian profoundly change our world over just three generations. They become the ‘oiligarchs’, a new sort of global aristocracy. The scope of these men’s passions and deeds range wide, for the good and for the bad. From ruthless racketeering, criminal support for the cruelest of tyrants, and the ecological destruction of the earth’s surface to ingenious achievements in technology, enormous advances in global prosperity, and the biggest philanthropic gestures humanity has ever seen.


The title $even $isters refers to the seven, initially hostile oil companies that found the first and most powerful global industrial cartel ever. This happens 1928 in complete secrecy. Based on a set of real stories and characters, the TV series narrates in one hundred episodes of 55 minutes each the constant strives and battles of these legendary oil magnates, from the very beginning of the oil industry in 1860s through the 1950s, when the secret cartel is progressively dismantled. In the process, the drama series shows the impact of oil on our civilization and how it became the lubricant of the modern life that we know today.


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